A Home Away From Home
Caravans to suit your needs

the sky is the limit with Dallas Caravans as we can personalise and build that caravan you once thought was impossible. With quality material and workmanship, we will back our work 100%  

A Home AWAY from home
Custom Built Interiors & Exteriors

We custom build our interior to suit your needs to get the best experience possible on road. Dallas Caravans is contantly developing caravans to blow your mind! 

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Dallas Caravans Custom Build For You

With our fully qualified builders, you know your dream caravan is in good hands!  

We can handle all of your caravan requirements

Dallas Caravans Is a team of 12 hardworking individuals who have years of experience building and manufacturing australian made caravans. Our slogan “A Home Away From Home” is what we beleive in and this exactly how you would describe our custom built vans. Dallas Caravans is driven by two smart and experienced partners Val and Sash who in combination can build and manufacture caravans like no other. Some of our features include:

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I have been extremely impressed with my Dallas Caravans Van. They seized quickly on the opportunities and issues of our caravan and put together our dream van. We are very pleased with their results!

Michael Smith

We gave our van a real test on some very bad roads. Not a speck of dust came inside the van – fantastic. Last summer we made three short trips in Perth, camping for the most part in National Parks – thanks to the wonderful WA National Parks pass, and free camps. Everything in our van works perfectly, we’ve managed to give it a good test. Itching now to get on to that big trip, living in

Jade Hallowell

This is just a note to let you know we’ve been travelling. All told we have done 14000km in the van.This trip we’ve travelled down the east coast as far as Hobart, up through the centre from Adelaide to Darwin. We are extremely happy with the van. We don’t feel as though we have been roughing it at all. It is very comfortable.

Des Philips

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